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To find effective solutions, we had to understand the challenges facing the dental industry. The Covid problem has provided a means to infect dental clinic employees at a rate not seen before. This high transmission rate combined with increased burn out and anxiety caused some employees to exit the business. Another issue was just finding ways to stay ahead of the competition. In this area many clinics have little or no benefit plan coverage due to the requirement to buy dental insurance to get major medical. Statistics tell us that a third of dentists have the stress of hiring and retaining staff as the number one stressor! On top of this 35% of dentists indicate that staff members have voluntarily left in the past year. Finally 89% of dentists indicate that overhead costs are higher than ever, while half of the dentists surveyed indicate revenue has fallen.

We invite you to look at our offerings in the hopes that we can make a difference in some if not all of the situations outlined. If you would like to be on our email list please provide your information HERE and we’ll be happy to be in touch with any new developments.


An affordable program for clinics to offer their employees including:

  • Option to opt out of dental insurance
  • Extended health and drugs coverage
  • Critical illness and employee assistance provided
  • Or create your own plan design
  • Discounted costs based on the size of the dental community
  • provides voluntary products for your employees.

After filling out the quote form please email to or click “Send Your Current or Suggested Plan Information” button above to attached your quote and add additional comments.


Created by the platform provides risk management for the executive including:

  • Bespoke preservation planning
  • Life Insurance Protector™
  • Principal Residence Protector™
  • Alter Ego Trusts
  • Estate Documents
  • Trusteeship Services


On line, low cost, easy application with coverage for the business of the independent contractors. All-in-one cyber insurance and protection that reduces risk.

BOXX doesn’t just help INSURE businesses and individuals against cyber liability; we offer complete protection against cyber risk. Our mission is to provide the most effective combination of cyber threat prediction, prevention and cyber insurance coverage for small businesses and homes.


NEO Financial “An Alberta World Class Vision”

We want to make you and your employees aware of a product that has no cost to join and lets them start earning money each time they use their card. The guys who founded, “SkipTheDishes” wanted to bring banking far in advance of current offerings and here it is! You’ll see high interest rates on savings generated from card usage as well as value added services like mortgages and banking for teenagers. Tools to make life simple. Click for details.

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Simplify your accounting and bookkeeping needs and empower your company to make decisions to drive your business forward, with the support of industry-leading advice.

From reconciling your accounts and managing invoices, to payroll and business modelling, this fresh take on finance helps get you going and keep you moving, wherever business takes you.

  • Accounts Receivable
    Make it easy to get paid. Takes your sales information to quickly generate and send invoices.
  • Accounts Payable
    No more sorting through invoices and bills. Gives you peace of mind by tracking your payments and alerting you to what is outstanding.
  • Real-time Financials
    Get a clear picture of your business with up-to-date and accurate financial records.
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    Want a custom built insurance product that is specifically designed to meet your dental clinic’s needs? The business insurance experts at AI Organization will work with you and your team to secure the best insurance products to protect your clinic!

    Commonly purchased  products which offers include:

    • General Liability (inclusive of product liability)
    • Property Insurance (inclusive of fire, sewer backup & water damage coverage)
    • Employee Theft Protection
    • Business interruption
    • Cyber insurance
    • Employment Practices Liability Insurance (inclusive of wrongful dismissal & sexual harassment coverage)